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2012-05-06 12:07 am

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I am so damn temped to write a jelly Medic fic.
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2012-01-31 07:53 pm

TF2 dreams

I'll post this here since Tumblr is being bad.

Yesterday morning was a cute one, it was Engineer tending to Heavy's minor wounds in Engie's workshop. I think I worked it out that Medic was too busy for stuff like that. First Engineer steals Medic's boyfriend and then his job, I guess!

This morning I dreamed that, for whatever reason, Spy planned to disguise as Pyro, who was confirmed female, and become pregnant. Then he was having second thoughs because that meant being cloaked for nine months. No mpreg/mtf preg action in this one.

I've doodled that first dream but it was on a receipt and I don't want people to know what I have for lunch, lol.